Fritz Koch creates monotypes that celebrate and reflect the spirituality of landscape, particularly that of the American West. His work is a meditation on textural landforms, geologic and ecologic juxtapositions, and atmospheric perspective. The work is presented as a medium for the observer to vicariously commune with nature, and to find comfort in the familiarity of real or imagined spaces.

Koch was born in Detroit, Michigan and received his BFA from Michigan State University.

Koch is a board member of Flight 64, a non-profit, cooperative print studio in Portland, Oregon, and is a returning printmaker at Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts, in Pendleton, Oregon. He has exhibited at Flight 64 and at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). He also co-curated and installed Reflections on the Columbia River Plateau, a traveling exhibit of monotypes produced at Crow's Shadow, coordinated through PNCA.